Welcome to BSI Judo

About BSI-Judo

BSI Judo is a student organization, but it is also possible non-students to train.
We train at the student center, Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen.

judo1What is judo?

Judo is a martial art with roots in Japanese budo tradition. The sport is distinguished among others in that all techniques can be performed with maximum effort without compromising the safety of the athletes. The techniques are divided into throws, grips, suffocation and armbend. Judo is a sport of all and practiced at the level you want, from pure exercise to fierce competition activity. Training adapted to the athletes’ age, goals and fitness level. No previous knowledge or special skills are required. Judo is an exciting and varied way to stay in shape for. All muscle groups are activated – further train strength, endurance, balance, agility, coordination and responsiveness

BSI Judo is a student sports club where students and others can practice judo in a pleasant environment for a reasonable price. We emphasize that everyone should benefit from the training. We organize various social events such as family outings, graduation parties ETC.

I want to try judo, what to do?

You actually just check our treningsschedule and then you meet us there on one of our trainings. It doesn’t matter if you don’t trained judo before, we will fix all your needs to get a powerful start with judo.